November 2008

A kind of freedom in Zimbabwe’s queues

Masimba Biriwasha is up a five o’clock to join one of Harare’s interminable queues

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The Legend turns fifty

Still in print after five decades, Russel Ward’s The Australian Legend has survived its critics, writes David Andrew Roberts

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Solar policy trapped in the state shadowlands

All sides of politics agree that a German-style national feed-in tariff to encourage rooftop solar power makes sense. But Christine Milne’s bill to create the tariff is going nowhere. Peter Mares explains why

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Rear vision

The Howard Years interprets the Coalition government through the prism of the present, writes Peter Brent

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Tuvalunacy, or the real thing?

The link between climate change and migration is more complex than it might seem, writes David Corlett in this extract from his new book

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First termers

The contrast between the first terms of two governments – Howard’s and Rudd’s – looks like being vast, writes Norman Abjorensen

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Race to the top

Britain’s reaction to Obama’s win says a lot about the fears and hopes of America’s ally, writes Frank Bongiorno in London

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Philip Waki’s ticking bombshell

When Justice Waki handed over his report on the post-election violence in Kenya he took precautions to guarantee it wouldn’t be ignored, writes Xan Rice in Nairobi

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