Glasgow’s race for gold

The Commonwealth Games meet a host city in flux, says David Hayes

24 Jul 14 |

Britain’s Great War: traps of memory

The centenary of the 1914–18 war reveals Britain to be a country of permanent involution, says David Hayes

17 Jul 14 |

How Europe’s parties outfoxed the Union

The European Commission might have ended up with an insider as president, reports James Panichi in Brussels, but the process for filling the job has changed forever

16 Jul 14 |

Waiting for England

The identity of Britain’s largest nation is a live question during every World Cup, says David Hayes

12 Jun 14 |

Europe’s, and Britain’s, populist moment

The electoral victory of UKIP, an anti-immigrant and anti-Europe party, redraws Britain’s political map, says David Hayes

30 May 14 |

Scotland, and Britain, in the balance

The debate over Scotland’s future is being shaped by the pro-independence side, says David Hayes

15 May 14 |

Tony Benn, the great conjuror

The Labour politician turned radical in mid-career and ended up a revered figure. His remarkable story can also reveal Britain to itself, says David Hayes

08 Apr 14 |

The puzzle of Rusdi Kirana and Islamic politics

Parachuted into the senior ranks of the National Awakening Party, the ethnic Chinese businessman has helped changed the equation among Islamic parties in Indonesia, writes Greg Fealy in Jakarta

06 Apr 14 |