The puzzle of Rusdi Kirana and Islamic politics

Parachuted into the senior ranks of the National Awakening Party, the ethnic Chinese businessman has helped changed the equation among Islamic parties in Indonesia, writes Greg Fealy in Jakarta

06 Apr 14 |

The China dream runs into ethnic reality

The violence in Kunming shows how China’s ethnic policies conflict with Xi Jinping’s reform plans, writes James Leibold in Beijing

11 Mar 14 |

Ed Miliband, a waiting game

After more than three years in the job, where is Britain’s Labour leader taking his party, asks David Hayes

18 Feb 14 |

Italy’s best-known comedian meets the ghost of Mussolini

Beppe Grillo’s Five Star Movement made stunning gains at Italy’s last election, writes James Panichi. But as the controversy over its guiding philosophy continues, the new prime minister sees an opportunity rather than a threat


The Jokowi phenomenon

In Jakarta, Ross Tapsell profiles the city governor who could be the next president of Indonesia

16 Jan 14 |

Philip Morris, Australia and the fate of Europe’s trade talks

Australia’s clash with Philip Morris over plain packaging has disrupted trade talks between the United States and Europe, reports James Panichi in Brussels

08 Jan 14 |

Will the DREAM of US immigration reform become reality in 2014?

Optimism is growing, reports Peter Mares in New York, but getting the legislation through Congress will only be the first of the challenges

03 Jan 14 |

A “true progressive” takes on New York’s inequality problem

After serving a maximum three terms as mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg will be replaced by Democrat Bill de Blasio on New Year’s Day. As Peter Mares reports from New York, it will be a challenge for the new mayor to live up to his promise to reduce inequality and homelessness

23 Dec 13 |