A “true progressive” takes on New York’s inequality problem

After serving a maximum three terms as mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg will be replaced by Democrat Bill de Blasio on New Year’s Day. As Peter Mares reports from New York, it will be a challenge for the new mayor to live up to his promise to reduce inequality and homelessness

23 Dec 13 |

Myanmar’s religious malaise goes online

Myanmar’s infant information culture is helping to spread high-risk Islamophobia, reports Gerard McCarthy

19 Dec 13 |

Scotland, the looking-glass country

The polls say no, the mood yes. Scotland’s independence debate is a puzzle, says David Hayes

16 Dec 13 |

Trouble at the Chinese rumour mill

Beijing is cracking down on media and internet dissent, writes Duncan Hewitt. Corrupt local authorities are likely to be among the beneficiaries

13 Dec 13 |

Who’s in charge of the euro?

Unlike its political counterpart, the seventeen-member eurozone has no government and no centre of political power, writes James Panichi. Debate is intensifying about whether more integration, or less, is the solution

12 Dec 13 |

Aboard New Zealand’s cabbage boat: cheques, spooks and politics

With the next general election just a year away, New Zealand’s political landscape is subject to unpredictable tremors, writes Peter Mares from Wellington

07 Nov 13 |

Tony Abbott’s win attracted little interest among Beijingers. Does it matter?

The contrast with Kevin Rudd couldn’t be starker, yet the Anglophile PM might have a certain edge, writes James Leibold in Beijing

02 Oct 13 |

London’s road from Damascus

Syria’s war is opening new dividing lines in British politics, says David Hayes. Once the consequences play out, Ed Miliband might have lost more than has David Cameron

03 Sep 13 |