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Hard yards

Florian Schui reveals the gap between the arguments for austerity and its real-world effects, writes Geoffrey Barker, and shows why the idea is still so attractive to so many

10 Apr 14 |

Amplified intimacy

The microphone gave a new authenticity to pop vocals, writes Andrew Ford. Can it do the same for classical musicians?

07 Apr 14 |

The God of big things

In his new book, reviewed here by Janna Thompson, Terry Eagleton explores the persistence of religious ideas in political life and culture

01 Apr 14 |

Unpredictable to whom, and in what way?

Not only is he an anti-Chomskyan, Philip Lieberman is also an enemy of evolutionary biology and pop neuroscience, writes Ben Eltham

28 Mar 14 |

The social life of Muslim women’s rights

Lila Abu-Lughod set out to discover “why the emerging Western common sense about Muslim women did not capture what I knew from experience and from reading history.” Shakira Hussein reviews her new book

19 Mar 14 |

Moving pictures

The continuing popularity of tattoos is a paradox, writes Richard Johnstone. Which other fashion refuses to acknowledge a use-by date?

18 Mar 14 |

Not so much the tale as its telling

Sylvia Lawson reviews The Past and Utopia

05 Mar 14 |

An unknown, an interloper, a feminist

Eilean Giblin touched much that was formative in twentieth-century Australia, writes Sybil Nolan