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Peter Sculthorpe, a composer in Australia

Andrew Ford reflects on the man and his music

11 Aug 14 |

Whom the gods wish to destroy…

Ben Hills offers a distinctive take on what went wrong for Fairfax, writes Ken Haley

07 Aug 14 |

Christopher Clark’s Sleepwalkers and the Germans. A misunderstanding?

An Australian historian’s reappraisal of the origins of the first world war has provoked enormous interest in Germany, writes Andreas Wirsching. But the debate tells us more about Germany than about the book

05 Aug 14 |

Remarkable acts of courage

None of us can be certain how we will act in extreme circumstances, writes Sara Dowse. Two new books show imperfect humans at their best

31 Jul 14 |

His country, and ours

Sylvia Lawson reviews Charlie’s Country

30 Jul 14 |

Franz Ferdinand moments

The centenary of the first world war has begun, writes Jane Goodall, but Australia’s public broadcasters are still feeling their way

29 Jul 14 |

Alzheimer unease

Why do so many dementia researchers hold to a single theory so fervently? An unsettling new book throws light on entrenched beliefs, writes David Le Couteur

28 Jul 14 |

Almost migrants

New visa arrangements make it possible for international students to study and work in Australia for many years without necessarily being on a path to permanent residency, writes Peter Mares