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A “self-fulfilling, rolling disaster”?

A new narrative for Australian schooling would accept diversity and competition – but competition for achievement rather than for students or money, writes Dean Ashenden

05 Mar 14 |

Digging into the resource curse

The life stories of four mining magnates illuminate where Australia’s economy is headed, writes Michael Gilding. The political and social effects could be profound


Messiaen’s children

From Karlheinz Stockhausen to Lalo Schifrin, Olivier Messiaen taught his students how to be themselves, writes Andrew Ford

04 Mar 14 |

Rights and desires

Susan Powell traces the dramatically changing landscape of adoption in Australia


Between pernicious nationalism and watery liberalism

In her latest book political philosopher Martha Nussbaum looks at what drives people apart and how we can bridge those divides, writes Janna Thompson

25 Feb 14 |

What it feels like to be a doctor

We need our doctors to feel, writes Frank Bowden, but not so much that they stop thinking

24 Feb 14 |

Red in tooth and claw

Politics is hard and democracy is messy. Brett Evans reviews two new books that help explain why it doesn’t all end in disaster

21 Feb 14 |

A short look at Medicare’s long history

Gwendolyn Gray Jamieson reviews an account of the genesis and chequered career of Labor’s national health insurance scheme

20 Feb 14 |