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Franz Ferdinand moments

The centenary of the first world war has begun, writes Jane Goodall, but Australia’s public broadcasters are still feeling their way

29 Jul 14 |

Alzheimer unease

Why do so many dementia researchers hold to a single theory so fervently? An unsettling new book throws light on entrenched beliefs, writes David Le Couteur

28 Jul 14 |

Almost migrants

New visa arrangements make it possible for international students to study and work in Australia for many years without necessarily being on a path to permanent residency, writes Peter Mares


China wakes, Asia quakes, Australia shivers

A contest is under way, writes Graeme Dobell, but it will be more like a nineteenth-century battle than a twentieth-century clash

25 Jul 14 |

Different diagnoses, different cures

Has feckless Australia set itself up for a post-boom slump? Tom Westland reviews two new books that see the prospects quite differently

23 Jul 14 |

Virtuous cycling on the job

Can work be good for employees and employers? Helena Liu reviews a new book that wrestles with problems of workplace organisation, but doesn’t go quite far enough


Too much talked of sin, too little of virtue

Sylvia Lawson reviews Omar and Calvary

17 Jul 14 |

Gay rights and gay wrongs

In its coverage of gay law reform over the past fifty years, the Australian has charted a course from pacesetter to curmudgeon, writes Graham Willett in this talk from last week’s conference on the paper’s fiftieth anniversary

15 Jul 14 |