The facts are the story

Peter Clarke talks to Fact Check presenter John Barron about the ABC’s newest project

20 Aug 13 |

Making the news

With a federal election looming, Peter Clarke talks to the director of ABC News, Kate Torney, about the challenges facing the corporation’s news-gatherers

02 Jul 13 |

Paywalls: the good news and the gamble

PODCAST | The Australian’s online paywall is up and running. The New York Times has announced strong subscriber figures. Peter Clarke discusses the prospects for paid content with Gordon Crovitz, Sophie Black and Jason Wilson

02 Nov 11 |

The fourth estate under scrutiny

INSIDE MEDIA PODCAST | Peter Clarke talks to Margaret Simons and Tim Dunlop about the federal government’s media inquiry and the fallout from the judgement in the Andrew Bolt case

11 Oct 11 |

“I needed to know all about them. And, more than that, I needed to write about them”

PODCAST | Brian McFarlane talks to Peter Clarke about a lifetime at the movies

23 Dec 10 |

Getting off the bus

PODCAST | Neither the major parties nor the media coped well with the seventeen days of uncertainty after the election. Peter Clarke talks to Sophie Black and Brian Costar about how they need to change

16 Sep 10 |

“If you can reach that point of almost nonchalance in playing, that’s a different level of creativity again”

John Bell talks to Peter Clarke about acting, King Lear and the Bell Shakespeare Company

30 Jun 10 |

Digging up a scandal

The story of how two journalists unearthed the Securency scandal shows what would be lost if newspapers stop funding investigative journalism. They talked to Peter Clarke

18 Jun 10 |