Politics & policy

Two indexes, two very different impacts on pensions

If the rumours are correct, the federal government is considering a complex but far-reaching change to pension payments, writes Daniel Nethery

17 Apr 14 |

The asylum-seeker plan that keeps disappearing over the horizon

The collateral damage is too great for policy-by-slogan to be sustainable, writes Peter Browne. The alternative can bring benefits for asylum seekers and for Australia

09 Apr 14 |

New ways to dud Kiwis

New Zealand has reacted to proposed changes to Australian social security law by raising discrimination concerns with Canberra, writes Peter Mares


Arise, Prince Lachlan

Lachlan and James Murdoch’s appointments to senior positions could help sow the seeds of unrest in the Murdoch empire, writes Rodney Tiffen

08 Apr 14 |

The Independent Security Monitor’s unfinished work

The federal government’s plan to abolish the permanent security oversight body is based on a flawed reading of its role, argue Jessie Blackbourn and Nicola McGarrity

03 Apr 14 |

Direct Action subsidies: wrong way, go back

Nothing has happened since the election to challenge the view that the Coalition’s Direct Action plan for carbon reduction is vastly inferior to carbon pricing, write Frank Jotzo and Paul Burke

17 Mar 14 |

A hidden harm of Australia’s asylum system

Detainees are suffering terribly, but the system also takes a toll on the people who work within it, writes Nik Tan

10 Mar 14 |

A fix for what’s not broken: why Australia doesn’t need voter ID

Are new rules needed to stop multiple voters from undermining Australian elections? Not according to the local and international evidence, writes Jennifer Rayner

04 Mar 14 |