World briefing

China’s North Korea problem

A weak North Korea might suit Beijing for the moment, writes Kerry Brown, but the longer-term problems facing the creaking communist regime aren’t going away

16 Apr 14 |

Indonesia’s next governing coalition: taking a progressive turn?

The likely makeup of the next Indonesian government gives cause for optimism, writes Dominic Berger

14 Apr 14 |

Is it too early to talk about 2016?

The next US presidential election is two-and-a-half years away, but some key decisions are likely much sooner, writes Lesley Russell

31 Mar 14 |

Putin on the edge of an abyss

Vladimir Putin’s brinkmanship over Eastern Ukraine could have dangerously unpredictable results, writes Robert Horvath

20 Mar 14 |

Enemies within the gates

China’s reaction to the disappearance of flight MH370 reflects a feeling that the world is a threatening place, writes Kerry Brown

18 Mar 14 |

Afloat with the euro

By linking strong and weak economies, the eurozone has effectively transferred wealth to the better-performing countries and contributed to popular suspicion of the European Union, reports Daniel Nethery

13 Mar 14 |

The ten-year search for Somchai

One woman’s fight for justice following the disappearance of her lawyer husband has revealed a climate of corruption and deceit in Thailand. As the ten-year anniversary nears, Kate Hehir takes a closer look

07 Mar 14 |

The long shadow of Bravo

Six decades after the United States conducted its most powerful nuclear test in the Marshall Islands, governments are once again debating the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons, writes Nic Maclellan

25 Feb 14 |