World briefing

Not over till they’re over: the countdown to the US midterm elections

Although some commentators say the results are certain, writes Lesley Russell, the race that will shape Barack Obama’s final two years in the White House is far from over

11 Aug 14 |

Israel vs Hamas: the flawed assumptions

Israel won’t achieve its aims in Gaza without a long-term occupation, writes Paul Rogers. In the meantime, only its enemies are benefiting from the growing civilian death toll

31 Jul 14 |

The gutting of Radio Australia

The ABC’s international broadcasting to the Pacific islands is being devastated by the latest round of staffing cuts, writes Nic Maclellan

22 Jul 14 |

China’s Godfather?

A controversial new biography of Xi Jinping fundamentally misunderstands the nature of China’s leadership, argues Kerry Brown

18 Jul 14 |

Fear and favour

The polarisation of Indonesia’s media during the election campaign has renewed the debate over the nexus between proprietors and politics, writes Ross Tapsell

16 Jul 14 |

Australia–Japan relations: an alternative future

Japan’s constitutional renunciation of war shouldn’t be seen as an aberration, write Tessa Morris-Suzuki, David Chapman and Carolyn Stevens

15 Jul 14 |

A post-winter’s tale

Three-and-a-half decades after the winter of discontent, Geoffrey Barker revisits a warmer and more diverse Britain

10 Jul 14 |

Prabowo versus democracy in Indonesia

Despite his protestations to the contrary, Prabowo Subianto is determined he will seek a popular mandate just this once, write Marcus Mietzner and Edward Aspinall

04 Jul 14 |