World briefing

Location, location, location

Myanmar is in the thick of the Asian century, writes Nicholas Farrelly

03 Jul 14 |

China’s networked leadership

After a rocky transition to a new set of leaders, China faces an uncertain future, writes Kerry Brown in this extract from his new book

01 Jul 14 |

Liu Yunshan, defender of the faith

China’s head of ideology relies heavily on appeals to the country’s historical greatness, writes Kerry Brown

23 Jun 14 |

Avoiding a catastrophe in Iraq

The extremist push into Iraq has exposed the divisive policies of the government in Baghdad, writes Matthew Gray. So far, the well-organised Kurds are the only real beneficiaries.

20 Jun 14 |

Indonesia on the knife’s edge

The outside world should be worried by the possibility that Prabowo Subianto could become Indonesian president, writes Edward Aspinall, but the biggest losers will be Indonesia’s own people

17 Jun 14 |

The seismic shifts behind the coup in Thailand

Thailand has been changing in unexpected ways. Grant Evans explores the sociology of a country in continuing political crisis

10 Jun 14 |

Gains for women MPs in post-election India

Indrani Ganguly looks at how women are faring in the political upheaval following the election of the Modi government in India

09 Jun 14 |

Ukraine: time to cut a deal?

Western coverage of Ukraine has suffered from deep misconceptions, writes John Besemeres. Meanwhile, Moscow might be looking for a compromise

30 May 14 |