World briefing

Independent schools: an idea whose time has passed

Christopher Pyne’s plan for “independent” public schools bears a family resemblance to the academies and free schools that have undermined British education, writes Francis Beckett in London

12 Feb 14 |

Beyond the State of the Union

Barack Obama has only limited time to cement his legacy before attention shifts to the next presidential election, writes Lesley Russell

06 Feb 14 |

New York: where political finance never sleeps

As the Australian Electoral Commission releases political finance data for the year to June 2013, Graeme Orr visits a New York organisation that can teach us a lot about timely transparency

04 Feb 14 |

Putin’s annus mirabilis: changing the shape of Eurasia

Behind the protests in Ukraine lies the Russian president’s long-term vision of a Eurasian Economic Union. John Besemeres traces its recent history and the strains it has created in Russia’s “near abroad”

24 Jan 14 |

Obamacare’s testing year ahead

Americans see Obamacare as either the president’s greatest achievement or his biggest failure, writes Lesley Russell. But the signs are growing that its success will outweigh any shortcomings

07 Jan 14 |

Typhoon Haiyan: a tale of two responses

Solidarity filled the gap left by a rudderless government, writes Ronald D. Holmes

25 Nov 13 |

Stopping the cheques

Australia’s performance at CHOGM and in Warsaw this month will accelerate the decline of its influence in the Pacific, writes Nic Maclellan

22 Nov 13 |

China’s post-election manifesto

Markets and urbanisation are key themes to emerge from the central committee plenum in Beijing, writes Kerry Brown. And then there’s the question of political reform…

20 Nov 13 |