World briefing

Indonesia on the knife’s edge

The outside world should be worried by the possibility that Prabowo Subianto could become Indonesian president, writes Edward Aspinall, but the biggest losers will be Indonesia’s own people

17 Jun 14 |

The seismic shifts behind the coup in Thailand

Thailand has been changing in unexpected ways. Grant Evans explores the sociology of a country in continuing political crisis

10 Jun 14 |

Gains for women MPs in post-election India

Indrani Ganguly looks at how women are faring in the political upheaval following the election of the Modi government in India

09 Jun 14 |

Ukraine: time to cut a deal?

Western coverage of Ukraine has suffered from deep misconceptions, writes John Besemeres. Meanwhile, Moscow might be looking for a compromise

30 May 14 |

China’s search for space

China’s regional muscle-flexing reflects its feeling that it faces significant geographical and symbolic constraints, writes Kerry Brown

19 May 14 |

Modi’s sweeping victory in India

Robin Jeffrey looks at the Indian election result and its implications


Turkey’s predicament: vicious circles and unexpected possibilities

A democratic shift seems unlikely but not impossible, writes Kerem Öktem. Otherwise, a series of crises will add to regional instability

22 Apr 14 |

China’s North Korea problem

A weak North Korea might suit Beijing for the moment, writes Kerry Brown, but the longer-term problems facing the creaking communist regime aren’t going away

16 Apr 14 |