The upsides of the buyback

John Howard’s gun buyback scheme had more than one benefit, writes Andrew Leigh in this extract from his new book

31 Jul 14 | Comments (2)

The remarkable persistence of power and privilege

A new study finds social status rippling across the centuries, writes Andrew Leigh

30 Apr 14 | Comments (5)

What do Australians think about equality?

Disagreements about acceptable levels of inequality often rest on a misunderstanding of the existing distribution of income and wealth, writes Andrew Leigh

04 Jul 13 | Comments (2)

Crimes and punishments

New York managed to stop the school-to-crime pipeline without increasing the imprisonment rate, writes Andrew Leigh. Meanwhile, Australia is investing heavily in jail-building

24 May 12 | Comments (1)

Mind the gap

Andrew Leigh looks at evidence of growing inequality in OECD countries

13 May 11 | Comments (2)