Tibetans in the picture, the army on the scene

Antonia Finnane on art and the military in China

06 Dec 12 | Comments (0)

Androgenetic alopecia at the eighteenth party congress

There are plenty of full heads of hair in the new Politburo, but few of them are women’s, reports Antonia Finnane

19 Nov 12 | Comments (2)

Waiting for the great eighteenth

On the eve of China’s eighteenth party congress, life in Beijing is changing in increasingly obvious ways, writes Antonia Finnane

02 Nov 12 | Comments (0)

A Chinese constitutionalist and the state of the nation

The latest biography of Liang Qichao reveals a man of his times with a new significance for present-day China, writes Antonia Finnane in Beijing

17 Oct 12 | Comments (0)

Between economy and security?

The forty years since Australia established relations with China have been about a lot more than trade and defence, writes Antonia Finnane

01 Oct 12 | Comments (0)

The sound of silence in Tiananmen Square

Twenty-three years after the massacre, the events of 4 June 1989 are still off limits, writes Antonia Finnane in Beijing

07 Jun 12 | Comments (1)

Road to democracy? Yu Jianrong’s blueprint for China

In Beijing, Antonia Finnane looks at a ten-year plan for a staged transition to constitutional democracy

22 Apr 12 | Comments (2)

Easter in Beijing

After Tomb-sweeping day, the Chinese capital returned to normal, writes Antonia Finnane, except for the city’s Christians

10 Apr 12 | Comments (1)