Behind the mulga curtain

Tennant Creek has developed innovative ways of dealing with the strengths and weaknesses of social media, writes Eleanor Hogan. But the initiatives are languishing, partly for lack of funding

11 Jul 14 | Comments (0)

The vision thing

In uncertain economic times, South Australia has found a few niches but is looking for more, writes Robert Milliken

23 May 13 | Comments (1)

Looking for an island circuit-breaker

Although the forestry agreement is looking shaky, innovative projects are flourishing in Tasmania, writes Natasha Cica. Strategic assistance could speed the move to a different kind of economy

24 May 12 | Comments (1)


What would Leonard Cohen make of the use of “Hallelujah” as a community anthem, asks Andrew Ford

16 Mar 12 | Comments (4)

The Islanders: Torres Strait comes to Brisbane

Jeremy Beckett discusses Brisbane’s celebration of Torres Strait Islander culture, which launched in early July and continues until October

11 Aug 11 | Comments (0)

Arts, culture and different kinds of humbug

Culture and the arts have not featured prominently in this year’s election campaign. That’s a shame, writes Ben Eltham, because we badly need to debate cultural policies

29 Jul 10 | Comments (4)