The vision thing

In uncertain economic times, South Australia has found a few niches but is looking for more, writes Robert Milliken

23 May 13 | Comments (1)

Looking for an island circuit-breaker

Although the forestry agreement is looking shaky, innovative projects are flourishing in Tasmania, writes Natasha Cica. Strategic assistance could speed the move to a different kind of economy

24 May 12 | Comments (1)


What would Leonard Cohen make of the use of “Hallelujah” as a community anthem, asks Andrew Ford

16 Mar 12 | Comments (4)

The Islanders: Torres Strait comes to Brisbane

Jeremy Beckett discusses Brisbane’s celebration of Torres Strait Islander culture, which launched in early July and continues until October

11 Aug 11 | Comments (0)

Arts, culture and different kinds of humbug

Culture and the arts have not featured prominently in this year’s election campaign. That’s a shame, writes Ben Eltham, because we badly need to debate cultural policies

29 Jul 10 | Comments (4)