The very heart of history

Three biographies reveal twentieth-century Australians in the thick of things, writes Frank Bongiorno

15 Nov 13 | Comments (5)

Holding the line

Widely watched and highly profitable, Chinese Central TV is also in many ways dysfunctional, writes Kerry Brown

27 Aug 13 | Comments (0)

China goes local in search of growth

The new Chinese premier has been wrestling with China’s economic future since the global financial crisis took its toll, writes Kerry Brown

29 May 13 | Comments (0)

Can Malaysia find life after the National Front?

A historic election campaign reopened old questions about what kind of nation Malaysia should be, writes Amrita Malhi in Kuala Lumpur

04 May 13 | Comments (0)

Fast fashion

Elizabeth Cline’s three hundred–plus-piece clothing collection means that she’s almost exactly the average American consumer. Sophie Black reviews her account of what all those clothes add up to

26 Feb 13 | Comments (0)

Japan’s paradoxical shift to the right

A nationalist troika formed in the run-up to this month’s Japanese election poses challenges for the region, writes Tessa Morris-Suzuki

06 Dec 12 | Comments (3)

Japan’s Okinawa dilemma

The failure to agree on a realignment of America’s military presence in Okinawa generates problems for the US–Japan alliance, Japanese grand strategy, and the region at large, writes H.D.P. Envall

07 Nov 12 | Comments (0)

Chinese whispers

A new book offers a tentative view of the largely uncharted terrain of public opinion in China, writes Kerry Brown

04 Oct 12 | Comments (0)