“Our society’s ability to present truth to itself is gradually disappearing”

An influential Chinese intellectual is arguing that only a freer and more diverse media can rebuild the credibility of government, reports Duncan Hewitt in Shanghai

25 Sep 12 | Comments (0)

East Asia’s lost opportunity

The region has yet to recognise its potential role in global governance, writes Ross Buckley. To do that, China needs to change tack

06 Sep 12 | Comments (0)

Politics by performance

For Hashimoto Toru – hailed by many as a future national leader – it’s out with human rights and in with government-authored history. Tessa Morris-Suzuki looks at his disturbing prescription for a “new Japan”

28 Aug 12 | Comments (0)

Dreams and nightmares

Graeme Dobell reviews a collection of essays about Australia’s strategic environment

21 Aug 12 | Comments (1)

The price of China

Hugh White offers a provocative but not entirely persuasive account of the implications of China’s growing strength, writes Geoffrey Barker

14 Aug 12 | Comments (0)

“Asianising” education: the China option?

If we want to engage or compete with universities in Asia, we need to be clear about the aims of our own education system, writes Antonia Finnane

26 Mar 12 | Comments (3)

Globalisation at ground level

A new study of Hong Kong’s Chungking Mansions reveals a microcosm of “low-end globalisation,” writes Ramon Lobato

17 Oct 11 | Comments (0)

Thailand’s bad men and the challenges for Abhisit Vejjajiva

Thailand has dropped out of the headlines but the long-term struggle for political control continues, write Andrew Walker and Nicholas Farrelly

27 Aug 10 | Comments (2)