The insurgent from Indi

Brett Evans catches up with federal parliament’s newest independent MP

30 Apr 14 | Comments (5)

Red in tooth and claw

Politics is hard and democracy is messy. Brett Evans reviews two new books that help explain why it doesn’t all end in disaster

21 Feb 14 | Comments (0)

The revolutionary box

It’s not just sweatshop labour that keeps down the price of the stuff we buy, writes Brett Evans

02 Dec 13 | Comments (4)

The river in the sky

Kerry O’Brien’s interview with Clive James was about as good as it gets, writes Brett Evans

05 Sep 13 | Comments (1)

Tricks of the trade

Rome’s greatest orator has a message for the current generation of political leaders, says Brett Evans

18 Apr 13 | Comments (2)

How did Cool Denmark become so hot?

Brett Evans looks at how one Nordic country wields “soft power”

19 Mar 13 | Comments (6)

Father and sons

The political and the personal illuminate each other in James Button’s fine account of a year in Canberra, writes Brett Evans

02 Oct 12 | Comments (0)

How to win an election

Brett Evans looks at a timeless guide for politicians with a sting in the tail

05 Jun 12 | Comments (0)