Luxury vessels

Fewer and cheaper submarines would do the job, writes Brian Toohey

07 Jul 11 | Comments (0)

Making war

Australians have as little idea about why we are fighting in Afghanistan as they had about why we entered the first world war, writes Brian Toohey

09 Jun 11 | Comments (1)

War leader

Julia Gillard has a puzzling attachment to the bracing qualities of war – even wars her Labor predecessors opposed – writes Brian Toohey

05 May 11 | Comments (0)

Alarm clocks and barbecue stoppers

The prime minister is losing sight of why governments reform, writes Brian Toohey

06 Apr 11 | Comments (0)

No need to let it rip

The experience of the renewable energy target suggests that a carbon tax will work better than a market-based approach to climate change, writes Brian Toohey

03 Mar 11 | Comments (3)

Compulsory superannuation: a policy in search of evidence

Left to themselves, many employees would spend the money that goes into superannuation on raising a family, paying off a mortgage or pursuing further education. Compulsion robs them of that choice, writes Brian Toohey, and now the government is talking about a rise in the contribution rate

03 Feb 11 | Comments (14)

Misreading China

A casual reference to the use of force underlines the flaws in Kevin Rudd’s thinking about Australia’s largest trading partner, writes Brian Toohey

09 Dec 10 | Comments (1)

Rethinking the Murray–Darling buybacks

Buybacks aren’t the only way to reduce the amount of water being taken out of the system, argues Brian Toohey

03 Nov 10 | Comments (0)