Britain’s Great War: traps of memory

The centenary of the 1914–18 war reveals Britain to be a country of permanent involution, says David Hayes

17 Jul 14 | Comments (2)

A post-winter’s tale

Three-and-a-half decades after the winter of discontent, Geoffrey Barker revisits a warmer and more diverse Britain

10 Jul 14 | Comments (0)

The surgeon as bad-tempered hero

Frank Bowden decodes an unsettling memoir of life in and beyond the operating theatre

20 Jun 14 | Comments (0)

Waiting for England

The identity of Britain’s largest nation is a live question during every World Cup, says David Hayes

12 Jun 14 | Comments (0)

Europe’s, and Britain’s, populist moment

The electoral victory of UKIP, an anti-immigrant and anti-Europe party, redraws Britain’s political map, says David Hayes

30 May 14 | Comments (1)

Scotland, and Britain, in the balance

The debate over Scotland’s future is being shaped by the pro-independence side, says David Hayes

15 May 14 | Comments (2)

Tony Benn, the great conjuror

The Labour politician turned radical in mid-career and ended up a revered figure. His remarkable story can also reveal Britain to itself, says David Hayes

08 Apr 14 | Comments (0)

Ed Miliband, a waiting game

After more than three years in the job, where is Britain’s Labour leader taking his party, asks David Hayes

18 Feb 14 | Comments (0)