Internet on the outstation

Broadband will soon reach small communities in remote Australia, writes Ellie Rennie. But a few details need to be sorted out first…

09 May 11 | Comments (2)

All fibre, all the way!

At the Imperial Palace, Human Nature is gearing up for two more years of “Celebration of Motown.” But further along The Strip it’s fibre-to-the-home that’s generating the excitement. And Australia’s NBN is one of the stars, writes Jock Given in Las Vegas

23 Sep 10 | Comments (1)

Inside Conroy’s Implement

What does $25 million worth of consultancy conclude about the national broadband network, asks Jock Given

16 May 10 | Comments (2)

This time it’s serious

Digital TV is already here, and it means Roger Federer might be replaced by blank screens in Mildura’s analogue households next year, writes Jock Given

16 Jul 09 | Comments (3)

Kevin Rudd’s partner

Fresh back from overseas, a prime minister makes a stunning telecommunications announcement. And the historical parallels don’t end there, writes Jock Given

07 Apr 09 | Comments (4)