Landscape of wounds

Jane Goodall reviews two new documentaries about wildfires

06 Jun 14 | Comments (1)

The disturbing logic of “Stay or Go”

The experts driving Australia’s bushfire policies won’t acknowledge that different forests produce different fires, writes Tom Griffiths

22 Nov 12 | Comments (1)

From the ashes

With another summer approaching, Tom Griffiths looks at two fine accounts of Black Saturday and its aftermath

12 Oct 11 | Comments (1)

What might, and did, happen

What role should local museums have in remembering events like the Victorian bushfires, asks Ian McShane

18 May 09 | Comments (0)

Black Saturday’s prehistory

Understanding the inevitability of devastating fires is essential for local communities and policy makers, historian Tom Griffiths tells Peter Clarke

13 Mar 09 | Comments (0)

Less is more

Australia’s quest for a secular style of commemoration and mourning is a work in progress, writes Amanda Lohrey

05 Mar 09 | Comments (2)

Early warning

We need early detection and rapid aggressive response to stop bushfires from raging out of control, argues Viv Waller

03 Mar 09 | Comments (2)

We have still not lived long enough

Testimony from the 1939 and 2009 fires suggests there is one thing we never seem to learn from history, writes Tom Griffiths

16 Feb 09 | Comments (13)