Investing in childhood: the progress and the pitfalls

Early childhood policy is in the midst of enormous change, writes Deborah Brennan. But the legacy of a fragmented and incomplete system, and a failure of ambition, mean that great challenges remain

25 Aug 11 | Comments (2)

Paid parenting leave: the debate we still need to have

On International Women’s Day, Daniel Nethery examines Australia’s newborn paid parental leave scheme

08 Mar 11 | Comments (0)

Childcare: where we came from and where we’re going

Peter Clarke talks to Deborah Brennan about child care policy and the longer term impact of the fall of ABC Learning

06 Mar 09 | Comments (1)

Reassembling the childcare business

Australia has become a case study in how not to run childcare services, writes Deborah Brennan. How did this happen and what should we do about it?

19 Nov 08 | Comments (5)