My school and yours: the disappearing achievers

A new analysis of schools data shows why we mustn’t walk away from the promise of Gonski, writes Chris Bonnor

11 Feb 14 | Comments (3)

Gonski and Gillard won’t fix this problem

In a forthcoming paper for the Centre for Policy Development, Chris Bonnor describes a worsening school equity problem that will persist for decades to come

28 Nov 12 | Comments (6)

Creating and choosing good schools

Creating better schools is a long and often tortuous process, writes Chris Bonnor. The first step is to focus on policies that can actually work

12 Jul 12 | Comments (1)

Gonski the game-changer

The Gonski report has brought together an enormous body of evidence to show why equity must be at the centre of school policy, writes Chris Bonnor, and has decisively shifted the terms of the debate

29 Feb 12 | Comments (9)

My School, PISA and Australia’s equity gap

Do schools determine the performance of students, or do students determine the performance of schools? Chris Bonnor investigates

11 May 11 | Comments (4)

My School 2.0: getting better by degrees?

My School 2.0 promised improvements, but how much better is this latest version? Chris Bonnor assesses the evidence

08 Mar 11 | Comments (0)

What My School really says about our schools

While My School says very little about the effectiveness of any school, it does offer some tantalising information about Australia’s school system in general, writes Chris Bonnor

23 Apr 10 | Comments (3)

My School and your school

My School promises to compare like with like, but a close look at thirty-six “average” schools reveals the limitations of this way of measuring achievement, writes Chris Bonnor

24 Feb 10 | Comments (5)