What will the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement mean for copyright?

Angela Daly examines the leaked chapter of the treaty’s recent draft

18 Nov 13 | Comments (0)

Between economy and security?

The forty years since Australia established relations with China have been about a lot more than trade and defence, writes Antonia Finnane

01 Oct 12 | Comments (0)

The art of relevance

Telling our own stories through the arts is obviously a good thing, writes Andrew Ford, but what does it mean in practice?

08 Nov 11 | Comments (6)

Lessons from the Australia–US Free Trade Agreement

The agreement delivered few, if any, of the benefits promised by its advocates, writes John Quiggin, but its adverse consequences have also been more limited than many critics predicted

22 Nov 10 | Comments (2)

Trading culture

Officials from Australia and eight other Pacific countries meet in Auckland on 6 December to begin their fourth round of negotiations for a trans-Pacific free-trade agreement. Jock Given looks at the potential impact on culture and information industries

18 Nov 10 | Comments (1)

Arts, culture and different kinds of humbug

Culture and the arts have not featured prominently in this year’s election campaign. That’s a shame, writes Ben Eltham, because we badly need to debate cultural policies

29 Jul 10 | Comments (4)

The copyright cops

When it comes to the prices they pay for copyrighted music, Australian consumers are being stung everywhere from the gym to the pub, writes Ben Eltham

15 Jul 10 | Comments (10)

The hole in their bucket

Media companies’ campaign against internet piracy suffered a major setback last week when a federal court judgement let internet service providers off the hook for their customers’ illegal downloads. But the copyright wars are more than just a matter for the courts, write Julian Thomas and Ramon Lobato

11 Feb 10 | Comments (3)