Mr Gonski and the social contract

Neither Labor nor the Coalition is rising to the challenge posed by Gonski, writes Dean Ashenden

22 May 14 | Comments (3)

A “self-fulfilling, rolling disaster”?

A new narrative for Australian schooling would accept diversity and competition – but competition for achievement rather than for students or money, writes Dean Ashenden

05 Mar 14 | Comments (11)

Coming, ready or not

Technology is going to drive the first revolution in schooling since the invention of the printing press, says Dean Ashenden. But it’s not just a matter of the machinery

19 Nov 13 | Comments (2)

The Gonski prospect

Gonski has come to symbolise a sense of social decency, writes Dean Ashenden. But how much “Gonski” is left in the plan, and how will it look after the election?

29 Aug 13 | Comments (0)

Competition, “autonomy” and schools

It may be that school policy can learn more from the Australian Football League than from Shanghai or Finland, says Dean Ashenden

15 Jul 13 | Comments (4)

The Grattan line

The Grattan Institute has much of importance to contribute to the education debate, writes Dean Ashenden. Its hits and misses reveal a lot about Australian schooling, and ways of thinking about it

02 Jul 13 | Comments (3)

Class sizes and the dead hand of history

Sure, smaller classes would be good, but at what opportunity costs, asks Dean Ashenden

01 Mar 13 | Comments (12)

Evolutionary tinkering in revolutionary times

The current system of teacher education isn’t working for many students. Dean Ashenden looks at the alternatives, and their adversaries

15 Feb 13 | Comments (17)