Red in tooth and claw

Politics is hard and democracy is messy. Brett Evans reviews two new books that help explain why it doesn’t all end in disaster

21 Feb 14 | Comments (0)

Road to democracy? Yu Jianrong’s blueprint for China

In Beijing, Antonia Finnane looks at a ten-year plan for a staged transition to constitutional democracy

22 Apr 12 | Comments (2)

Havel’s legacy

Václav Havel, who died in December, was Orwell’s true successor, writes Jane Goodall

09 Jan 12 | Comments (0)

Will democracy survive?

Democracy did not emerge as an historical inevitability, John Keane tells Peter Clarke

15 Sep 09 | Comments (0)

Australian democracy’s mixed scorecard

Norman Abjorensen, co-author of Australia: The State of Democracy, runs a tape-measure over the nation’s democratic institutions and practices

29 Jul 09 | Comments (4)

The real crisis of democracy

Fortunately the Institute of Public Affairs has had less influence than it has sought over the past sixty-six years, writes Norman Abjorensen

26 May 09 | Comments (0)

Afghanistan’s winners and losers

Will the beneficiaries of Afghanistan’s hastily designed electoral system give ground in the interests of long-term stability, asks Norm Kelly

02 May 09 | Comments (0)

The stuff that myths are made of

As a political tool the internet is neither “top down” nor “bottom up,” argues Mark Bahnisch in this review of The Myth of Digital Democracy

14 Jan 09 | Comments (2)