Labor’s Green opportunity

Labor’s combative relationship with the Greens reflects its failure to develop a genuine counter-narrative to the Coalition worldview, argues Dennis Altman

13 Feb 14 | Comments (1)

Winning the battle of ideas

In many ways the opposition has already won this election by shifting the political middle ground, writes Dennis Altman

26 Aug 13 | Comments (4)

Gay rights and the glass ceiling

How much has changed over the past four decades, asks Dennis Altman in this extract from his new book, The End of the Homosexual?

29 Jul 13 | Comments (0)

From a drowning to a celebration

In this edited version of a recent Dunstan Foundation lecture, Dennis Altman looks at forty years of gay liberation and the work still to be done

11 Dec 12 | Comments (0)

Ideological uncertainties

What would a Romney presidency mean for Australia, asks Dennis Altman

29 Aug 12 | Comments (0)

Labor’s next generation

Reports of Labor’s death have been grossly exaggerated, writes Dennis Altman

09 Aug 12 | Comments (3)

Washington’s alpha male administration

Dennis Altman reviews Ron Suskind’s account of Barack Obama’s presidency

29 Nov 11 | Comments (0)

Obama’s America

Change the government and you change the country, Paul Keating once said. But eighteen months into his first term, how much has Barack Obama’s America really changed, asks Dennis Altman

12 Jun 10 | Comments (3)