The budget, fairness and class warfare

The post-budget debate reveals two fundamentally different worldviews, writes Peter Whiteford

05 Aug 14 | Comments (1)

The upsides of the buyback

John Howard’s gun buyback scheme had more than one benefit, writes Andrew Leigh in this extract from his new book

31 Jul 14 | Comments (2)

China wakes, Asia quakes, Australia shivers

A contest is under way, writes Graeme Dobell, but it will be more like a nineteenth-century battle than a twentieth-century clash

25 Jul 14 | Comments (0)

Different diagnoses, different cures

Has feckless Australia set itself up for a post-boom slump? Tom Westland reviews two new books that see the prospects quite differently

23 Jul 14 | Comments (0)

How Thomas Piketty found a mass audience, and what it means for public policy

Thomas Piketty’s phenomenally successful Capital confirms that Western countries are becoming less equal. John Quiggin looks at how he fits into a long-running debate about inequality, and finds some encouraging signs

30 May 14 | Comments (1)

Hard yards

Florian Schui reveals the gap between the arguments for austerity and its real-world effects, writes Geoffrey Barker, and shows why the idea is still so attractive to so many

10 Apr 14 | Comments (0)

Direct Action subsidies: wrong way, go back

Nothing has happened since the election to challenge the view that the Coalition’s Direct Action plan for carbon reduction is vastly inferior to carbon pricing, write Frank Jotzo and Paul Burke

17 Mar 14 | Comments (1)

Digging into the resource curse

The life stories of four mining magnates illuminate where Australia’s economy is headed, writes Michael Gilding. The political and social effects could be profound

05 Mar 14 | Comments (0)