The Grattan line

The Grattan Institute has much of importance to contribute to the education debate, writes Dean Ashenden. Its hits and misses reveal a lot about Australian schooling, and ways of thinking about it

02 Jul 13 | Comments (3)

Student achievement: frozen by inequity

Amid the fraught discussions about Gonski, the need to resolve deep-seated problems of equity and student achievement remains urgent, writes Bernie Shepherd

10 Apr 13 | Comments (5)

We know about the 457. What about the 485?

A different visa category could be the subject of future debates about temporary migration, writes Peter Mares

28 Mar 13 | Comments (0)

Class sizes and the dead hand of history

Sure, smaller classes would be good, but at what opportunity costs, asks Dean Ashenden

01 Mar 13 | Comments (12)

Evolutionary tinkering in revolutionary times

The current system of teacher education isn’t working for many students. Dean Ashenden looks at the alternatives, and their adversaries

15 Feb 13 | Comments (17)

Another blow to democracy in universities

Removing staff and student representatives from university councils in Victoria threatens scholarly values and independent criticism, argues Paul Rodan

20 Dec 12 | Comments (1)

Gonski and Gillard won’t fix this problem

In a forthcoming paper for the Centre for Policy Development, Chris Bonnor describes a worsening school equity problem that will persist for decades to come

28 Nov 12 | Comments (6)

Decline and fall?

Twenty-five years ago, John Dawkins dramatically reshaped higher education. His critics still fail to distinguish the good from the bad in his reforms, writes Dean Ashenden

22 Nov 12 | Comments (9)