Fixing the Senate

Senate voting needs to be simpler and more transparent. Brian Costar talks to Peter Clarke about a plan to fix the system, and looks at the politics of the federal budget

16 May 14 | Comments (3)

A fix for what’s not broken: why Australia doesn’t need voter ID

Are new rules needed to stop multiple voters from undermining Australian elections? Not according to the local and international evidence, writes Jennifer Rayner

04 Mar 14 | Comments (3)

New York: where political finance never sleeps

As the Australian Electoral Commission releases political finance data for the year to June 2013, Graeme Orr visits a New York organisation that can teach us a lot about timely transparency

04 Feb 14 | Comments (0)

A rum rebellion

How did an unelected campaign consultant come to exercise such influence over Labor’s 2013 campaign, asks Stephen Mills

28 Nov 13 | Comments (1)

Government by the old, for the old?

The politics of the ageing electorate is complicating government responses to the ageing society, writes Rodney Tiffen

27 Nov 13 | Comments (0)

A peace that passeth (almost) all understanding

The Labor leadership contest might have annoyed some factional warlords, but it’s helped the party to avoid messy post-election recriminations, writes Frank Bongiorno

10 Oct 13 | Comments (2)

Tony Abbott’s win attracted little interest among Beijingers. Does it matter?

The contrast with Kevin Rudd couldn’t be starker, yet the Anglophile PM might have a certain edge, writes James Leibold in Beijing

02 Oct 13 | Comments (0)

Independent in Indi: what happens now? (And why the Electoral Commission is suddenly under attack)

Peter Clarke talks to Brian Costar about why Cathy McGowan is likely to serve more than one term, why the Electoral Commission is under attack, and who should lead the Labor Party

27 Sep 13 | Comments (1)