Small-target health policy gets off to a shaky start

The new government’s aged-care decisions suggest it will prioritise providers over consumers, writes Lesley Russell

17 Sep 13 | Comments (4)

Two countries, two elections

Like Australia, Germany has seen a shift in the political middle ground. But there, it’s ended up in an intriguing place, writes Klaus Neumann

16 Sep 13 | Comments (0)

Rebels with a cause

The election of a minority federal government in 2010 threw the spotlight on the quiet rise of a generation of independent MPs in state and federal parliaments. In this article first published in August 2010, Brian Costar and Jennifer Curtin look at their motivations, role and significance

12 Sep 13 | Comments (1)

Coalition of the Unenlightened could repeal the carbon tax in 2014

Tony Abbott might have pledged in blood to repeal the Australian carbon pricing scheme, but what’s likely to happen once the obstacles are clear? Fergus Green considers four possible scenarios

11 Sep 13 | Comments (1)

From little margins, big margins grow

The electorate of Indi has been changed forever, write Cambell Klose and Nick Haines from Cathy McGowan’s campaign

10 Sep 13 | Comments (14)

Challenges for the Abbott agenda

Despite the pundits, it won’t be business as usual under the Coalition, says Norman Abjorensen. But the Senate will determine much of the style and rate of change

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Now it’s urgent: why we need to simplify voting for the Senate

Changes to how senators are elected would improve transparency, make voting easier, and stop parties with scarcely any support slipping into the Senate, says Brian Costar

09 Sep 13 | Comments (9)

How to help farmers to help the reef

Reef Rescue needs to focus on measures that really do improve water quality, says Amanda Cornwall. That means learning from other successful schemes

02 Sep 13 | Comments (0)