Nobody uses the internet because the government says they should

A study of home internet in remote communities highlights the real reasons people go online, write Julian Thomas and Ellie Rennie

01 Oct 12 | Comments (3)

Just a bit late, again

Ellie Rennie looks at what the federal budget means for community and Indigenous broadcasters

13 May 11 | Comments (0)

Internet on the outstation

Broadband will soon reach small communities in remote Australia, writes Ellie Rennie. But a few details need to be sorted out first…

09 May 11 | Comments (2)

Count to five and twenty

TV | Little Dorrit, a vivid tale for the times, works backwards from impact to cause, writes Ellie Rennie

24 Jun 10 | Comments (0)

Show day

Angela Pamela and her political prizewinners took the Alice Springs show by storm, reports Ellie Rennie

20 Aug 09 | Comments (0)

On the couch

DVD | Ellie Rennie reviews In Treatment series one: therapy from start to finish

27 Jul 09 | Comments (2)

What have the Romans ever done for us?

DVD | Well, they might have kicked off TV’s next Golden Age. Ellie Rennie watches season two of Rome

20 Apr 09 | Comments (1)

Compulsory viewing

DVD | Ellie Rennie reviews First Australians

27 Feb 09 | Comments (0)