Climate change and the intellectual decline of the right

No arguments seem to sway right-wing politicians and commentators in the United States and Australia, says John Quiggin. Will we have to wait for demography to do its work?

18 Aug 14 | Comments (8)

eBook: Climate change and equity

This eBook features Tim Senior’s recently announced prize-winning entry in the Gavin Mooney Essay Prize for 2013, together with the four runners-up

17 Apr 14 | Comments (0)

Labor’s Green opportunity

Labor’s combative relationship with the Greens reflects its failure to develop a genuine counter-narrative to the Coalition worldview, argues Dennis Altman

13 Feb 14 | Comments (1)

Where now for the Greens?

The Greens face some of the challenges that effectively killed the Democrats, write Narelle Miragliotta and Robert Simms. But important differences between the parties mean that history is unlikely to repeat itself

08 Oct 13 | Comments (7)

Turning values into (direct) action

Falling support for strong climate policies reflects the environment movement’s failure to frame the debate effectively, argues Simon Copland. It’s time to co-opt Tony Abbott’s idea of “direct action”

24 Sep 13 | Comments (6)

Coalition of the Unenlightened could repeal the carbon tax in 2014

Tony Abbott might have pledged in blood to repeal the Australian carbon pricing scheme, but what’s likely to happen once the obstacles are clear? Fergus Green considers four possible scenarios

11 Sep 13 | Comments (1)

Drawing a fine line in the Tarkine

Can conservation, tourism and industry coexist in Tasmania’s Tarkine wilderness? Kimberley Croxford looks at the current controversy and the contending pressures

06 Sep 13 | Comments (4)

How to help farmers to help the reef

Reef Rescue needs to focus on measures that really do improve water quality, says Amanda Cornwall. That means learning from other successful schemes

02 Sep 13 | Comments (0)