Putin on the edge of an abyss

Vladimir Putin’s brinkmanship over Eastern Ukraine could have dangerously unpredictable results, writes Robert Horvath

20 Mar 14 | Comments (3)

Afloat with the euro

By linking strong and weak economies, the eurozone has effectively transferred wealth to the better-performing countries and contributed to popular suspicion of the European Union, reports Daniel Nethery

13 Mar 14 | Comments (0)

Italy’s best-known comedian meets the ghost of Mussolini

Beppe Grillo’s Five Star Movement made stunning gains at Italy’s last election, writes James Panichi. But as the controversy over its guiding philosophy continues, the new prime minister sees an opportunity rather than a threat

18 Feb 14 | Comments (0)

Putin’s annus mirabilis: changing the shape of Eurasia

Behind the protests in Ukraine lies the Russian president’s long-term vision of a Eurasian Economic Union. John Besemeres traces its recent history and the strains it has created in Russia’s “near abroad”

24 Jan 14 | Comments (3)

Philip Morris, Australia and the fate of Europe’s trade talks

Australia’s clash with Philip Morris over plain packaging has disrupted trade talks between the United States and Europe, reports James Panichi in Brussels

08 Jan 14 | Comments (0)

Who’s in charge of the euro?

Unlike its political counterpart, the seventeen-member eurozone has no government and no centre of political power, writes James Panichi. Debate is intensifying about whether more integration, or less, is the solution

12 Dec 13 | Comments (0)

We are here to stay

Africans living under the shadow of removal in Hamburg have been able to articulate their own agenda, writes Klaus Neumann, and football fans and residents are backing them

05 Nov 13 | Comments (2)

History, heritage and the ageing dictator

Uzbekistan is still writing and rewriting its own history, reports a recently returned R.J.B. Bosworth

31 Oct 13 | Comments (1)