Tony Abbott’s win attracted little interest among Beijingers. Does it matter?

The contrast with Kevin Rudd couldn’t be starker, yet the Anglophile PM might have a certain edge, writes James Leibold in Beijing

02 Oct 13 | Comments (0)

Military injustices

Fergal Davis reviews a vivid account of the human cost of the Guantanamo Bay trials

24 Jun 13 | Comments (0)

Imbalance of power

Despite the cuts, the United States will remain the world’s military giant for the foreseeable future, writes Andy Butfoy

05 Apr 13 | Comments (0)

Japan’s paradoxical shift to the right

A nationalist troika formed in the run-up to this month’s Japanese election poses challenges for the region, writes Tessa Morris-Suzuki

06 Dec 12 | Comments (3)

The diplomat who read Dostoyevsky

Tormented by self-doubt, regretting missed opportunities, George Kennan helped shape the postwar world, writes Graeme Dobell

08 Feb 12 | Comments (0)

At the pointy end of the bayonet conundrum

Graeme Dobell looks at humanitarian intervention in theory and practice

16 Dec 11 | Comments (0)

The diplomat

Geoffrey Barker reviews Philip Flood’s memoir of a career in the diplomatic service and as an agency head

24 Oct 11 | Comments (1)

Running the foreign service under Rudd

DFAT has emerged from a resourcing “trough,” according to departmental secretary Dennis Richardson. But there’s still a long way to go, writes Geoffrey Barker

31 Aug 11 | Comments (1)