Doing the dirty work

An attack on the unions won’t necessarily have the expected political impact, writes Frank Bongiorno

19 Feb 14 | Comments (0)

Whitlam, the 1960s and the program

The cyclones of the late 1960s and early 1970s didn’t shape the Whitlam government as much as gentler breezes that began blowing in the 1950s and early 1960s, writes Frank Bongiorno in this extract from The Whitlam Legacy

16 Dec 13 | Comments (2)

The very heart of history

Three biographies reveal twentieth-century Australians in the thick of things, writes Frank Bongiorno

15 Nov 13 | Comments (5)

A peace that passeth (almost) all understanding

The Labor leadership contest might have annoyed some factional warlords, but it’s helped the party to avoid messy post-election recriminations, writes Frank Bongiorno

10 Oct 13 | Comments (2)

Hearts, heads and pockets

It’s time for harder thinking about Labor’s strengths and weaknesses, says Frank Bongiorno

02 Sep 13 | Comments (1)

The churn goes on

The leadership vote only underlines the fact that the Labor Party is more or less broken, writes Frank Bongiorno

27 Jun 13 | Comments (13)

I get by with a little help from my friends

Frank Bongiorno reviews Nick Cater’s The Lucky Culture

23 May 13 | Comments (5)

A welcome touch of modesty

Tim Rowse’s new book shows the strengths of an evidence-based approach to Indigenous policy, writes Frank Bongiorno

09 May 13 | Comments (0)