“We must be careful to avoid seeking intelligence simply for its own sake”

Newly released documents reveal the intelligence community in the early 1970s through the eyes of a former senior bureaucrat, writes Alan Fewster

01 Aug 14 | Comments (0)

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you

Emily Crawford reviews Glenn Greenwald’s account of the Snowden affair

06 Jun 14 | Comments (1)

The Abbott government’s war on transparency

There’s a worrying thread running through decisionmaking in Canberra, writes Rodney Tiffen

05 Jun 14 | Comments (5)

The public interest in public broadcasting

The accountability of the ABC and SBS should be a two-way street, writes Geoff Heriot. A pattern of erratic government scrutiny fails the public-interest test

06 Mar 14 | Comments (0)

Is Australia’s welfare system unsustainable?

Figures from the past two decades challenge the view that the welfare budget is out of control, writes Peter Whiteford, and help us understand the likely impact of future policy changes

10 Feb 14 | Comments (3)

The Brandis agenda

Armed with an ambitious political and legal agenda, the new attorney-general faces a testing time, write Shipra Chordia and Andrew Lynch

04 Dec 13 | Comments (1)

The lobby group that got much more bang for its buck

Targeting marginal seats is nothing new in politics. But the gambling industry showed that it could also work for a lobby group facing a panicky government. James Panichi pieces together the story

12 Jul 13 | Comments (1)

Bob Carr and the ghost of Philip Ruddock

The foreign minister’s tough talking on asylum seekers doesn’t fit with the facts, writes Peter Mares

02 Jul 13 | Comments (9)