Indonesia on the knife’s edge

The outside world should be worried by the possibility that Prabowo Subianto could become Indonesian president, writes Edward Aspinall, but the biggest losers will be Indonesia’s own people

17 Jun 14 | Comments (8)

The Brandis agenda

Armed with an ambitious political and legal agenda, the new attorney-general faces a testing time, write Shipra Chordia and Andrew Lynch

04 Dec 13 | Comments (1)

Haris Ibrahim and the growing Malaysian diaspora

The Malaysian activist was due in Australia this week to speak in three cities and meet members of the large Malaysian community here, writes Gerhard Hoffstaedter. The decision to refuse him a visa should be reversed

30 Sep 13 | Comments (0)

Gay rights and the glass ceiling

How much has changed over the past four decades, asks Dennis Altman in this extract from his new book, The End of the Homosexual?

29 Jul 13 | Comments (0)

Anti-terror laws and the knowledge gap

Two new reports spell out pragmatic and overdue reforms to Australia’s anti-terrorism laws. But does the political will exist to act, ask Jessie Blackbourn and Nicola McGarrity

23 May 13 | Comments (0)

From a drowning to a celebration

In this edited version of a recent Dunstan Foundation lecture, Dennis Altman looks at forty years of gay liberation and the work still to be done

11 Dec 12 | Comments (0)

Leading the way on asylum

The expert panel on asylum seekers can create the environment for the kind of leadership that has characterised key points in the history of Australia’s migration policy, writes J. Olaf Kleist

10 Aug 12 | Comments (0)

Reconciling rights and sovereignty

Andy Lamey’s book, Frontier Justice, would make useful reading for the prime minister’s expert panel on asylum seekers, writes Klaus Neumann

19 Jul 12 | Comments (0)