A new protection policy?

University ethics committees and the social sciences make awkward partners, writes Gillian Cowlishaw

17 Dec 13 | Comments (7)

Very like, and very unlike

As two Australian books show, the European Enlightenment rested partly on a global traffic of persons between widely separated spaces, writes Tim Rowse

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Time for a referendum roadmap

Constitutional reform has stalled, writes Paul Kildea. But that provides the opportunity to rethink how we go about achieving change

09 Nov 12 | Comments (1)

Nobody uses the internet because the government says they should

A study of home internet in remote communities highlights the real reasons people go online, write Julian Thomas and Ellie Rennie

01 Oct 12 | Comments (3)

A shift in the monolingual mood

A new parliamentary report challenges the thinking behind the downgrading of Indigenous languages in schools, writes Lisa Waller

26 Sep 12 | Comments (4)

A sense of possibility in Alice Springs

After six months of living in Alice Springs, Eleanor Hogan’s employer folded and she was offered an all-expenses-paid relocation back to Sydney. But she was in no hurry to leave

27 Aug 12 | Comments (3)

South Sea Islanders unite in Australia

Tales of colonial blackbirding have led to renewed ties between Australian South Sea Islanders and Pacific communities, reports Nic Maclellan

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The sense of islandness

Ian McShane reviews Henry Reynolds’s new history of his home state

28 Jun 12 | Comments (0)