Did the networks kill Homicide?

Three police shows axed in just one year. For some observers, it seemed like much more than a coincidence, writes Jock Given

02 Jul 14 | Comments (1)

Bringing the ABC back home

In the online age, every national broadcaster is an international broadcaster, writes Jock Given. So it’s strange to find that the government wants to restrict the ABC’s focus

16 May 14 | Comments (0)

Heads or tails?

Does the future of entertainment lie with superstars or in the “long tail,” ask Jock Given and Marion McCutcheon

07 May 14 | Comments (3)

Game changers

The Australian Open pivots to Asia, writes Jock Given

06 May 14 | Comments (0)

Turning off the television

Is there anything the National Broadband Network can learn from the thirteen-year transition to digital TV? Yes, says Jock Given

22 Oct 13 | Comments (2)

The adaptable country

What can Australians do? They used to make radios, TV sets and Volkswagens, writes Jock Given. After 2016, they won’t even be making Falcons

06 Sep 13 | Comments (0)

Old medium, new century

By the end of the year, Australia’s cinema industry will no longer be a film industry. Jock Given looks at what this means for storytelling on the big screen

30 Apr 13 | Comments (2)

Fletch, Muscles and the Rocket

Three players, three hard slogs. Jock Given on the golden age of Australian tennis

26 Feb 13 | Comments (0)