Nobody uses the internet because the government says they should

A study of home internet in remote communities highlights the real reasons people go online, write Julian Thomas and Ellie Rennie

01 Oct 12 | Comments (3)

The fine line between the media business and piracy

The new allegations about News Corp fit a wider pattern of cooperation between media companies, pirates and hackers, write Ramon Lobato and Julian Thomas

02 Apr 12 | Comments (0)

Convergence: only one part of the media problem

What does the government really want from its review of media policy, asks Julian Thomas

07 Apr 11 | Comments (1)

The hole in their bucket

Media companies’ campaign against internet piracy suffered a major setback last week when a federal court judgement let internet service providers off the hook for their customers’ illegal downloads. But the copyright wars are more than just a matter for the courts, write Julian Thomas and Ramon Lobato

11 Feb 10 | Comments (3)

Squeezing blood from a turnip

A pyrrhic victory for the American recording industry shows that fast broadband and new applications demand a rethink of the law, writes Julian Thomas

06 Jul 09 | Comments (0)