China’s North Korea problem

A weak North Korea might suit Beijing for the moment, writes Kerry Brown, but the longer-term problems facing the creaking communist regime aren’t going away

16 Apr 14 | Comments (0)

Enemies within the gates

China’s reaction to the disappearance of flight MH370 reflects a feeling that the world is a threatening place, writes Kerry Brown

18 Mar 14 | Comments (0)

China’s post-election manifesto

Markets and urbanisation are key themes to emerge from the central committee plenum in Beijing, writes Kerry Brown. And then there’s the question of political reform…

20 Nov 13 | Comments (0)

Holding the line

Widely watched and highly profitable, Chinese Central TV is also in many ways dysfunctional, writes Kerry Brown

27 Aug 13 | Comments (0)

China goes local in search of growth

The new Chinese premier has been wrestling with China’s economic future since the global financial crisis took its toll, writes Kerry Brown

29 May 13 | Comments (0)

Richer, more contentious, more powerful and more confusing

China is changing fast but its greatest challenges remain the same. And at the centre is the blackest of black boxes, writes Kerry Brown

13 Feb 13 | Comments (1)

Chinese whispers

A new book offers a tentative view of the largely uncharted terrain of public opinion in China, writes Kerry Brown

04 Oct 12 | Comments (0)