Germany on song

Germany and its football team have evolved in tandem over the past six-and-a-half decades. Klaus Neumann traces the story from the 1954 “Miracle of Bern” to this month’s World Cup win

24 Jul 14 | Comments (0)

“When I forget, I’m well. Remembering, even now, I just go crazy”

Does the equation that infuses the work of truth commissions – that more memory equals more reconciliation – always meet the needs of people affected by widespread violence? Klaus Neumann reviews two new books about communities recovering from conflict

23 Dec 13 | Comments (1)

Refugees making history

Klaus Neumann reviews two books that put displaced people at the heart of contemporary history

09 Dec 13 | Comments (1)

We are here to stay

Africans living under the shadow of removal in Hamburg have been able to articulate their own agenda, writes Klaus Neumann, and football fans and residents are backing them

05 Nov 13 | Comments (2)

Two countries, two elections

Like Australia, Germany has seen a shift in the political middle ground. But there, it’s ended up in an intriguing place, writes Klaus Neumann

16 Sep 13 | Comments (0)

Attentiveness and indifference

Two cases from Europe show that there are other ways of understanding irregular migrants, writes Klaus Neumann

22 Jul 13 | Comments (1)

Big brother

Popular unease about US surveillance of German citizens could pose a problem for Angela Merkel as national elections loom, writes Klaus Neumann

15 Jul 13 | Comments (0)

Just hook around Tasmania and pop across the Tasman

Despite the lack of boat arrivals, New Zealand has introduced new laws to deal with irregular migrants arriving by sea. Could it be that the New Zealand government is afraid that Australia could tell asylum seekers to keep moving east, asks Klaus Neumann

21 Jun 13 | Comments (0)