Looking for an electoral messiah

“Leadership” is seldom the key determinant of election results, writes Brian Costar. The mistaken belief has damaged both major parties

29 Aug 13 | Comments (2)

Rudd 1987 or Abbott 1996?

Has Labor’s campaign taken a fatal turn? History shows that divided control of campaign messages can be a disaster, writes Stephen Mills

20 Aug 13 | Comments (0)

Neither everything nor nothing

Does misogyny in politics reflect a deeper problem in the character of political debate, asks Jane Goodall

15 Aug 13 | Comments (1)

Political donations: the real-time disclosure option

Labor failed to take the opportunity to make historic changes to campaign finance disclosure, writes Brian Costar

08 Aug 13 | Comments (0)

Labor’s monsters

The problems go back to 2007, writes Norman Abjorensen

06 Aug 13 | Comments (0)

The lobby group that got much more bang for its buck

Targeting marginal seats is nothing new in politics. But the gambling industry showed that it could also work for a lobby group facing a panicky government. James Panichi pieces together the story

12 Jul 13 | Comments (1)

Could I describe you as a Catholic feminist?

From the Radio National archive, Terry Lane talks to Labor senator Jacinta Collins

09 Jul 13 | Comments (0)

The churn goes on

The leadership vote only underlines the fact that the Labor Party is more or less broken, writes Frank Bongiorno

27 Jun 13 | Comments (13)