Labor’s Green opportunity

Labor’s combative relationship with the Greens reflects its failure to develop a genuine counter-narrative to the Coalition worldview, argues Dennis Altman

13 Feb 14 | Comments (1)

Whitlam, the 1960s and the program

The cyclones of the late 1960s and early 1970s didn’t shape the Whitlam government as much as gentler breezes that began blowing in the 1950s and early 1960s, writes Frank Bongiorno in this extract from The Whitlam Legacy

16 Dec 13 | Comments (2)

A rum rebellion

How did an unelected campaign consultant come to exercise such influence over Labor’s 2013 campaign, asks Stephen Mills

28 Nov 13 | Comments (1)

How a forty-year-old proposal became a movement for change

Amid the often-protracted policy debates of the Rudd and Gillard years, DisabilityCare is widely seen as Labor’s most popular and effectively managed reform. The story begins during the Whitlam years, writes Mike Steketee, and takes in a highly effective community campaign

22 Oct 13 | Comments (8)

Winners and losers

PODCAST | Bill Shorten discusses Labor factions, parliamentary career paths, and winners and losers in this interview with Peter Mares recorded in 2006

14 Oct 13 | Comments (0)

A peace that passeth (almost) all understanding

The Labor leadership contest might have annoyed some factional warlords, but it’s helped the party to avoid messy post-election recriminations, writes Frank Bongiorno

10 Oct 13 | Comments (2)

My cold war: from Brunswick to Berlin (via the Labor split)

Within months of the end of the second world war, an iron curtain had fallen across Europe. Its impact reached into the inner suburbs of Melbourne, writes Geoffrey Barker

27 Sep 13 | Comments (2)

Hearts, heads and pockets

It’s time for harder thinking about Labor’s strengths and weaknesses, says Frank Bongiorno

02 Sep 13 | Comments (1)