The China dream runs into ethnic reality

The violence in Kunming shows how China’s ethnic policies conflict with Xi Jinping’s reform plans, writes James Leibold in Beijing

11 Mar 14 | Comments (0)

Surveillance society

A high-tech system of social control is being superimposed on China’s network of urban neighbourhoods, writes James Leibold in Beijing

04 Jul 13 | Comments (0)

China’s museum-style multiculturalism

“Stability maintenance” is translating into greater surveillance, but the Chinese government’s response to ethnic frictions looks to be unsustainable, writes James Leibold in Beijing

23 May 13 | Comments (1)

The impossible dream

There’s a paradox at the heart of Xi Jinping’s new political maxim, writes James Leibold in Beijing

22 Apr 13 | Comments (0)

Four dishes, one soup

There’s austerity in the air as China’s parliament meets, but has anything else changed, asks James Leibold in Beijing

13 Mar 13 | Comments (0)

Tibetans in the picture, the army on the scene

Antonia Finnane on art and the military in China

06 Dec 12 | Comments (0)

A Chinese constitutionalist and the state of the nation

The latest biography of Liang Qichao reveals a man of his times with a new significance for present-day China, writes Antonia Finnane in Beijing

17 Oct 12 | Comments (0)

The sound of silence in Tiananmen Square

Twenty-three years after the massacre, the events of 4 June 1989 are still off limits, writes Antonia Finnane in Beijing

07 Jun 12 | Comments (1)