A storm in a teacup

Norm Kelly in Wellington analyses the National Party’s election win

30 Nov 11 | Comments (0)

Caught in the middle

Disunited, the Maori Party risks losing identity and support, writes Norm Kelly in Wellington

03 Mar 11 | Comments (0)

New Zealand pushes ahead with ETS-lite

New Zealand’s new emissions trading scheme is far from ideal, but at least it’s a first step, writes Norm Kelly

07 Jul 10 | Comments (1)

Passport to prison

Taito Phillip Field’s jailing on corruption charges highlights the need for a more transparent process of ministerial discretion, writes Norm Kelly

29 Oct 09 | Comments (0)

Defining rorts in Wellington

When is a rort a rort? The debate has spread to New Zealand, reports Norm Kelly

07 Sep 09 | Comments (0)

The smack

A vote on whether parents can smack children has exposed the contradictions in New Zealand’s system of citizens-initiated referendums, writes Norm Kelly

28 Jul 09 | Comments (0)

Personal reasons

New Zealand’s National Party government has lost its first minister, while Labour easily retained Helen Clark’s old seat, writes Norm Kelly

30 Jun 09 | Comments (0)

New Zealand Labour’s next test

As the government’s honeymoon continues, Labour must contest the seat vacated by Helen Clark, reports Norm Kelly

12 May 09 | Comments (0)