Is Iraq lost?

Amid deepening divisions and political corruption, northern Iraq is one glimmer of hope in this unstable country, writes Matthew Gray

15 Apr 14 | Comments (0)

The ambitious emirate

Qatar is pursuing a sophisticated modernisation program, writes Matthew Gray. But is social and political change keeping pace?

02 Feb 12 | Comments (0)

On the edge of the Arab Spring

Avoiding the worst of the protests in the region, Jordan is changing anyway, writes Matthew Gray in Amman

05 Oct 11 | Comments (0)

One night in Amman

After dark, Matthew Gray caught a glimpse of life beneath the surface in the Jordanian capital

27 May 11 | Comments (0)

The Middle East after bin Laden

With al Qaeda’s influence already waning in many countries in the Middle East, Matthew Gray looks at the likely impact of Osama bin Laden’s death on the forces reshaping the region

05 May 11 | Comments (0)

Oil and water

An important new book helps explain why Saudi Arabia is unlikely to experience the same upheavals as some of its neighbours, writes Matthew Gray

23 Mar 11 | Comments (0)

Different leaders, different regimes

As much as anything, it’s the complexity of the Middle East that’s become more obvious over the past few weeks, writes Matthew Gray

25 Feb 11 | Comments (0)

Egypt’s leaders in waiting

Plenty of people are waiting for a chance to replace Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak – whether now or in September – and while each has their weaknesses, most are probably a better bet than the now illegitimate and atrophied leader, writes Matthew Gray

07 Feb 11 | Comments (1)