Seduction or safety?

Writer Joe McGinniss, who died in March, became a lightning rod for criticism of the way journalists deal with their sources, writes Matthew Ricketson

05 May 14 | Comments (0)

On trial for hacking: the story so far

It’s now the defence’s turn to put its case in the News International phone-hacking trial in London. Rodney Tiffen untangles the testimony to date

13 Feb 14 | Comments (0)

New news is better than no news

A new book encourages a different way of thinking about “news” and how it’s presented on television, writes Scott Bridges

22 Jan 14 | Comments (0)

The worst-reported and least-understood foreign conflict in Australian history

That’s the conclusion of a careful analysis of how the media handled Afghanistan, writes Tom Hyland

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The Jokowi phenomenon

In Jakarta, Ross Tapsell profiles the city governor who could be the next president of Indonesia

16 Jan 14 | Comments (0)

Cold war, soft diplomacy

As the Cold War intensified in the mid fifties, Australia saw a special role for itself in disseminating information and propaganda in Southeast Asia, writes Alan Fewster

14 Jan 14 | Comments (2)

Yes, it is our ABC

The gulf between the views of the public and the ABC’s vocal critics is large and growing, writes Rodney Tiffen

05 Dec 13 | Comments (5)

Rupert Murdoch’s sixtieth anniversary and the hazards of longevity

Rupert Murdoch may have set a world record for longevity in corporate governance, but his reputation would stand higher if he had retired ten years ago, writes Rodney Tiffen

16 Oct 13 | Comments (3)