New Zealand as a refuge: half-myths and partial realities

David Pearson reviews a careful but challenging account of New Zealand’s treatment of refugees and asylum seekers

08 May 14 | Comments (0)

New ways to dud Kiwis

New Zealand has reacted to proposed changes to Australian social security law by raising discrimination concerns with Canberra, writes Peter Mares

09 Apr 14 | Comments (6)

Aboard New Zealand’s cabbage boat: cheques, spooks and politics

With the next general election just a year away, New Zealand’s political landscape is subject to unpredictable tremors, writes Peter Mares from Wellington

07 Nov 13 | Comments (0)

The land of the long white mirage

Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey think that New Zealand’s economic policies have worked well. They’re wrong, writes John Quiggin

21 Aug 13 | Comments (2)

Just hook around Tasmania and pop across the Tasman

Despite the lack of boat arrivals, New Zealand has introduced new laws to deal with irregular migrants arriving by sea. Could it be that the New Zealand government is afraid that Australia could tell asylum seekers to keep moving east, asks Klaus Neumann

21 Jun 13 | Comments (0)

A storm in a teacup

Norm Kelly in Wellington analyses the National Party’s election win

30 Nov 11 | Comments (0)

Caught in the middle

Disunited, the Maori Party risks losing identity and support, writes Norm Kelly in Wellington

03 Mar 11 | Comments (0)

New Zealand pushes ahead with ETS-lite

New Zealand’s new emissions trading scheme is far from ideal, but at least it’s a first step, writes Norm Kelly

07 Jul 10 | Comments (1)