The long shadow of Bravo

Six decades after the United States conducted its most powerful nuclear test in the Marshall Islands, governments are once again debating the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons, writes Nic Maclellan

25 Feb 14 | Comments (0)

Stopping the cheques

Australia’s performance at CHOGM and in Warsaw this month will accelerate the decline of its influence in the Pacific, writes Nic Maclellan

22 Nov 13 | Comments (0)

“Hijacking decolonisation”: French Polynesia at the United Nations

French Polynesia’s historic resolution at the United Nations was clinched by years of campaigning and back-room diplomacy by this French dependency, reports Nic Maclellan

31 May 13 | Comments (2)

Why Australia’s Security Council bid was a mistake

Starved of funds, Australia’s foreign affairs department has spread itself far too thinly since Kevin Rudd launched the bid, writes Danielle Cave

27 Sep 12 | Comments (1)

The devil’s in the detail

Savitri Taylor takes a close look at the asylum seeker agreements between Australia and Nauru and PNG

05 Sep 12 | Comments (0)

South Sea Islanders unite in Australia

Tales of colonial blackbirding have led to renewed ties between Australian South Sea Islanders and Pacific communities, reports Nic Maclellan

27 Aug 12 | Comments (3)

Kiribati’s policy for “migration with dignity”

At the global climate negotiations in Durban, some island nations are discussing climate displacement. Nic Maclellan looks at the response from one Pacific government

04 Dec 11 | Comments (1)

Has ANZUS passed its use-by date?

Would abandoning the treaty substantially affect Australia’s strategic circumstances, asks Geoffrey Barker

13 Jun 11 | Comments (2)