The referendum is coming: but are we ready?

The referendum campaign is likely to leave voters confused, bored or both, write Jackie Hartley and Paul Kildea. But there are better ways to communicate the cases for and against

26 Jun 13 | Comments (0)

Time for a referendum roadmap

Constitutional reform has stalled, writes Paul Kildea. But that provides the opportunity to rethink how we go about achieving change

09 Nov 12 | Comments (1)

Recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples: the “what” and “how”

Paul Kildea looks at what’s being proposed for Australian constitutional reform, and how we might get there

02 Feb 12 | Comments (1)

We need to talk about COAG

The process has been hampered by a breakdown in trust between the Commonwealth and the states, writes Paul Kildea

19 Jan 12 | Comments (2)