There’s something about Victoria

Paul Rodan looks at Victoria’s stubborn tendency to vote Labor in state and federal elections

30 Jun 14 | Comments (1)

When Gough Whitlam helped out with the woodchopping

Poorly judged preselections are a problem for both major parties, writes Paul Rodan, and the electoral implications are becoming clearer

22 May 14 | Comments (4)

It’s time

Australia is best served when former prime ministers leave parliament with dispatch, writes Paul Rodan

26 Sep 13 | Comments (1)

Why preselections go wrong

Wrong candidates get chosen for reasons that vary between parties big and small, writes Paul Rodan

14 Aug 13 | Comments (0)

Is the enemy of my friend always my enemy?

Do all Labor voters prefer the Greens to the Liberals? Do National Party voters opt for the Liberals if their own party isn’t running? What evidence we have suggests the answer isn’t straightforward, writes Paul Rodan

07 Mar 13 | Comments (1)

Another blow to democracy in universities

Removing staff and student representatives from university councils in Victoria threatens scholarly values and independent criticism, argues Paul Rodan

20 Dec 12 | Comments (1)

Notes from a low-key governor-generalship

Are the intriguing revelations from the notebooks of Paul Hasluck part of a larger trove, asks Paul Rodan

17 Oct 12 | Comments (0)

Gough Whitlam’s close-run thing

William McMahon’s famously ill-starred prime ministership has been back in the news, not necessarily to the advantage of the federal Labor government. Paul Rodan recalls the election of nearly forty years ago

17 Feb 12 | Comments (5)