Who’s losing their base?

When “Howard’s battlers” defected from Labor in 1996, political commentators shifted their focus to Sydney’s western suburbs, writes Peter Brent. But what if the whole idea was founded on a misreading of the data?

21 Aug 14 | Comments (0)

If an election had been held on the weekend…

What happens when you add a hypothetical to a hypothetical? Peter Brent casts a sceptical eye over the polling industry

07 Aug 14 | Comments (2)

And the rest say “no”

There’s a pattern to the success of attempts to change the Australian constitution, writes Peter Brent, with lessons for advocates of Indigenous recognition

17 Jul 14 | Comments (2)

Dancing in the dark

Both the major parties have made a habit of misinterpreting the polls on climate change, says Peter Brent. The latest results shouldn’t provide any comfort to the Coalition

03 Jul 14 | Comments (2)

Labor’s debt problem

Labor’s response to the Coalition’s argument that it was profligate during the financial crisis has been disastrously inept, argues Peter Brent

04 Sep 13 | Comments (2)

PM with a problem

Labor strategists helped to create the wrong kind of prime minister, argues Peter Brent

24 Nov 11 | Comments (5)

The sum is greater than the parts

A change of leader is the last thing the government needs, writes Peter Brent

17 Jun 10 | Comments (3)

A strange time for election watchers

The heart sees a government in big trouble; the head knows that first-term governments usually survive. Either way, it’s time for the government to throw away its rulebook, writes Peter Brent

27 May 10 | Comments (0)